We will not administer medication.


In the interest of all children, it is best to keep a sick child at home if they have any of the following conditions:

  •    Rash
  •    Fever above100 F or persistent headache
  •    Excessive cold and/or cough
  •    Vomiting/Nausea
  •    Diarrhea
  •    Lice or nits
  •    Discharge from eyes or ears
  •    Sore throat or severe coughing or severe runny nose
  •    Persistent or excessive crying

Cold will judged according to their severity. An ill child must be able to participate in all planned activities for the day or he/she not well enough to attend childcare for the day.If a child should become ill during the day, you will be called and asked to make immediate arrangements to pick up your child. In the event you are unavailable, your emergency contact person will be notified to immediately pick up.

A child may not return to childcare until they are free of fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. for at least 24 hours.If your child is on antibiotics for any reason, they must remain at home for 24 hours before returning to childcare.If a child contracts any of the following diseases, PLEASE report it to us immediately. The child may not return to Our Child care without a doctor’s note stating that the child presents no risk to himself/herself or to others.


Respiratory Illnesses Gastrointestinal Illnesses Contact Illnesses
Chicken Pox Campylobacter Impetigo
German Measles Escherichia coli Lice
Hemophilus Influenza Giardia Lamblia Scabies
Measles Hepatitis A Shingles
Whooping Cough

This policy will be strictly enforced as it really helps all our children remain healthier.

What to keep at Day Care

  • 1complete change of clothes that is labeled with child’s name. (2 changes of clothes for children who are being toilet trained)
  • 1 sweater or sweat shirt for changeable weather (labeled with child’s name)
  • Diapers, wipes and diaper ointment or Vaseline-we’ll let you know when we need you to send more
  • Crib sheet and blanket (for infants), or nap sheet for cot and blanket (for bigger kids)
  • Sipping cup (labeled with child’s name)
  • Sleepers or comfortable shoes
  • If your child would like to bring a security “snuggle” item for quiet time, he or she may, but the “Snuggle” items should stay in child’s bag/cubby until quiet time.

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